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International Asset Location, Recovery and Due Diligence

Persistent Attorneys uncovering hidden assets to satisfy debts

Recovering concealed assets for debts from reluctant or dishonest parties is a formidable task. Even after obtaining a money judgment or arbitration award confirming the amount and validity of the debt, actually obtaining the funds owed can be a nearly insurmountable task for many parties and their attorneys.

The Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. is uniquely situated to track down and collect the deeply hidden assets of domestic and foreign individuals, businesses and sovereign debtors. Charles Camp is particularly adept at the international debt collection process, including enforcing judgments and awards once assets are uncovered.

An intelligence network uncovering hidden assets internationally

The firm uses a network of former U.S. and foreign intelligence officers to gather and verify financial information in aid of enforcing money judgments, arbitral awards and settlements. That information includes the investigation of bank accounts, including those in foreign banks with branches in the United States, as well as commercial interests here and abroad held by foreign individuals, businesses and sovereigns. Few other attorneys or international law firms have the resources to discover and collect the hidden assets of foreign entities, but the firm has represented clients in many successful actions. To learn more, visit the firm news and international cases pages.

Recovering assets through international enforcement actions

Once assets are located, they may be recovered through enforcement actions to freeze and collect them, including turnover orders. Using international due diligence, Mr. Camp and his network of professionals locate the liable parties to obtain proper jurisdiction in enforcement litigation. He has successfully frozen and collected significant sums of money located outside the United States by obtaining turnover orders directly against foreign banks with branches in the United States, including banks where the assets of individuals, international businesses and foreign sovereigns are located.

Creativity and resources offer a winning combination

The Law Offices of Mr. Camp fully believes that the party with the best information wins. He uses creative thinking and investigative resources to solve problems that other attorneys with fewer resources and less experience cannot. With a unique skill set and wide range of resources, Mr. Camp and his team offer solutions to the problems of clients around the world. To learn more about the services he provides and how clients can obtain them, contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. today via email or call 202.457.7786 or 301.461.0283.